Reconcile ecological, social and economic objective

We are aware of our responsibility and opportunity to contribute to sustainable development together with partners, customers, and suppliers, and we actively engage in this. Our intention is to reconcile economic objectives with ecological and social interests.

Latest Sustainability Report

Franke wants to be ahead in terms of sustainability, making it a main focus of the company. We strive to create long-term added value for our customers, employees, and society, while using as few resources as possible and protecting the environment. We treat people and the environment with respect.

Franke commits itself to abide by the laws in all business activities, to be a responsible employer and to comply with high ethical standards. Our code of conduct defines and explains the business practices that must be followed by all employees. Our businesses are based on economic as well as social and ecological guidelines.

Whether energy-efficient products, resource-saving services, optimized production sites or social measures such as increasing the health and well-being of the employees: These actions lead us to making a difference in sustainability and to success for the entire Group.